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Working and Camping : A Guide

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

With a little prep, working while camping is a no brainer.


Work and camp - two things that shouldn't really go together...but they do! We believe that campgrounds are actually the perfect place to get real work done. You've got less distractions, more time, and inspiration right outside your tent - or in our case, cabin. There's a lot of benefits to working in nature, especially if you have a job that allows for remote work, either part time or all the time. There's some things to consider as well, but we've got you covered and will break down the hurdles for you.

Like any trip, it's best to plan a little bit beforehand. This is especially true if you're coming out to work on a specific project or have specific goals you need to meet. Think through what you want your time camping to look like - when will you get up? Coffee and a walk in the woods, or straight to work? Will you call it a day at 6 PM and get the campfire going, or pull an all nighter if you're on a roll? Having a rough outline is always helpful so that you can plan your day, and if you have meetings and calls scheduled, it's a must.

working while camping
Not only is it fun, it'll boost your productivity!

Next, think about how you can use your environment to your advantage. A study done by Lenovo showed that 30 minutes outside in nature can increase productivity by 45%. That's a significant jump! We all know the feeling of banging our head against our screen trying to get things done, so take advantage of where you're camping and go for a few walks throughout the day. Maybe start your morning off with a hike or trail run, or take a walk in between calls to clear your mind. We know how beneficial working in nature can be, it's why we started Offsite!

Finally, make sure you have the tools you need. If you're camping at Offsite, we've got you covered on most fronts. You'll need your own computer, but we have everything from spare chargers to 4K monitors for you to rent if you need it. We've also got great internet, so no need to worry about not being able to take that call. If you're elsewhere, make sure you've got what you need and the battery packs to stay charged if you need your tech. You should also check cell service in the area before you go, as it can be dodgy in a lot of places outside the city.

The upsides of working remotely strongly outweigh the downsides, and we've thought long and hard about all the ways to make working in nature a seamless and enjoyable experience. As long as you plan ahead a bit, you'll have no problem not only being productive, but enjoying your work as well! The chart below shows some common challenges and how we solve them, or how you can solve them on your own.


At Offsite

Backcountry Camping

No Wi-Fi.

Free hi-speed Starlink Wi-Fi will keep you streaming and Zooming all day.

Use your phone as a hotspot, but make sure you'll have service - beware data usage.

Don't have my work gear.

Rent a monitor, mouse, keyboard, webcam, printer etc.

Schedule the trip around work that can be done on a small device or in a notebook.

Noisy neighbors partying.

You've got your own cabin, with no one else around!

Try your best to find a quiet spot, we don't recommend campgrounds in peak season.

I'm uncomfortable when I'm not at a desk.

Our workspaces are ergonomically designed, and our spaces are temerature controlled.

You're going to have to get creative to build that standing desk!

What if it rains?

Stay dry and cozy in our modern cabins.

Work in your tent and make sure you're equipment is safe. Beware condensation build up.

I can't see my screen outside.

We've laid out your cabin to reduce glare at your desk.

​Find shade, invest in an anti-glare filter, and crank up your screen brightness.

I hate the camping.

Well, we can't really help you there, but we still think you'll enjoy our cabins!

You probably shouldn't have come on this trip!

Have you spent time working while camping? We'd love to hear about your experience and any tips or tricks you've learned along the way! Send us an email and let us know!


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