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Our Story

A better way to be remote.

Few things are more inspiring to us than nature.


After gaining the opportunity to begin working remotely, we found that the most ideal environment for us to work was immersed in the outdoors.  Skiing in the winter, surfing in the summer, spending down time outside, getting inspired and recharging. However, everywhere we traveled had issues:


Poor internet, terrible chairs, loud neighbors, no healthy food. We realized if we wanted the perfect workplace, we were going to build it ourselves.

Cabaña EU 4 .jpg

We’re not stopping at a single cabin.  We’re currently seeking opportunities to develop larger clusters of cabins in a modern campground format.  We’ll be building an environment for teams to gather, connect and collaborate in a unique setting.  


We’re already seeing new and innovative ways companies are facilitating connection among remote workers.  Some better, some worse.  We’re strong believers in a balanced life and the integration of work and play.  Offsite is built to foster that environment through a connection with the outdoors.


We’re excited for the future and hope you’ll come build it with us.

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Here's what
makes us different.


The Offsite Outing Club is the heart of our brand. It's a community of individuals and companies that are actively working towards a more integrated and flexible work

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