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We love to get our hands dirty and we want our fingerprints all over everything. We’re not only a design studio, but a developer and operator as well, which gives us a unique perspective into the lifecycle of our projects. We know that a beautiful space will only get you so far, and that the real work comes when it’s filled with people. From your welcome centers to welcome notes, we’ve thought through it.


As a studio, we’re obsessed in understanding local materials and traditions, but always look to translate them through new methods of expression and construction. Our goal is never the design itself, but to create places that enable experiences. Our purpose is to provide opportunities for memories that will last and stories that will be passed down. New goals reached, ideas born and visions forged. We specialize in integrating nature into our concepts, both as a restorative component and as a catalyst for adventure and exploration.

We’re excited for the future and hope you’ll come build it with us.



We specialize in outdoor hospitality and buildings under 1000 sq. feet. Off-Grid? No Problem. No permits? No problem. We only design sustainably. It’s not a feature, it’s just the way it should be done.


  • Concept Development

  • Site Planning

  • Building Design

  • Interior Design



  • Programming

  • Strategic Partnerships

  • Creative Direction

  • Identity


  • Feasibility Studies

  • Positioning

  • Zoning, Entitlement and Permitting

  • Project Delivery

  • Project Management




Concept Development +  Programming

Architect your vision. We will work collaboratively with you and your team to define your projects purpose and vision, what you’ll build and how you’ll build it. We research market trends, lead creative workshops, and direct the final concept and program for your property or business, so you can get investors and stakeholders on board.


Strategy and Go To Market

We will work  with you to develop brand positioning, a functioning business model, an underwriting model, and construct a go to market strategy to ensure the success of your project for you and your shareholders.

Schematic Development

Using a holistic approach that combines program, financials, operations, and design, we will develop a feasible and successful program around your vision.


Whether it’s putting the right team in place or helping to find the right operational partners, we won’t only deliver the keys to your project, but will make sure the you’re set up or success along the ride. SOP’s, internal systems and operational structure support to make sure the road isn’t too bumpy.


We owe the earth everything - as a brand it's our inspiration and main supplier.  As individuals, it's our playground and our favorite place to be. The construction industry accounts for over 1/3rd of both energy demand and carbon emissions. That’s unacceptable, and we hate that we're a part of it. We acknowledge the fact that building anything is not sustainable at this current point, but we are also radical optimists and believe there is a path forward. That path includes both new technologies, and a reliance on traditional passive design strategies. More importantly, it requires a shift in mindset and a commitment to constant improvement.

Offsite has committed to becoming carbon negative, both in our built projects and our operations.

(1.) Measure, reduce, and offset our studio's carbon emissions in order to become carbon negative.


(2.) Set expectations with potential clients and partners to meet certain sustainability criteria in order to work with us.


(3.) Measure, reduce, and offset our built project carbon emissions in order to become carbon negative.

We’ve seen firsthand our winters dwindle, our seasons change, our oceans warm and our forests burn: We want to make sure that the outdoors remains a source of clarity, inspiration, and regeneration for generations to come.


We’re strong believers in a balanced life and the integration of work and play.  Offsite is built to foster that environment through a connection with the outdoors.






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