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  • Where Offsite Camp?
    Our studio is located in Brooklyn, NY. We have a network of prefab builders across the country. Our prototype cabin is available for rent in Wassaic, NY. It's 2 hours north of NYC, and we plan to have more cabins available for stays in the coming months.
  • What is Offsite Camp?
    Offsite Camp is a collection of cabins designed with the young professional and creative in mind. We're taking a new approach to the retreat - one that allows life and work to coexist, and looks to nature as an endless source of inspiration. Our units and their construction sets are available for purchase, or you can book a night and stay at one of our locations.
  • Do your cabins have any certification?
    Yes, we can provide either NOAH or RVIA certification if desired. We always build to code, whether you desire certification or not. If you're not sure, let us know and we will determine the best fit for you.
  • Can I buy a cabin?
    Absolutely! Our cabins are built to order. You can either choose one of our stock designs, or work with us on a custom build. Please visit our build page for more info.
  • Can I purchase CAD files or 3D models?
    We’re working on it…if you’re interested please let us know!
  • Do you provide material takeoffs?
    No. We’ve found that each builder has their own method of construction they are best at, and costs on materials fluctuates too often to provide accurate estimates.
  • I want to put a few of these on my property and open a glamping / camping site, can I use these?
    Yes! In fact, we can help you with much more than just the cabins. For commercial inquires Please contact for more information and to get the process started.
  • Do I need a permits to put an Offsite Cabin on my land?
    Yes, at minimum you will likely need a temporary structure permit. Each town has their own regulations on temporary structures and we recommend you contact your local zoning board before purchasing a cabin.
  • Is financing available?
    Absolutely. Our units do not qualify for traditional mortgages, but options are still available. We recommend talking to your local bank or credit union once you have the plans to determine your options, but we can also connect you to lenders.
  • Can you provide firm cabin pricing before plans are purchased?
    Unfortunately not, only estimates. There are too many variables that come up to provide pricing without a commitment to a drawing set. If you choose to purchase through us, we will provide you with pricing from at least one builder, or you can use the drawings to obtain pricing on your own.
  • How long does it take to build a cabin?
    Every builder and cabin is unique. In general you should expect at least 3-6 months for the entire process. The construction portion typically takes 6-10 weeks.
  • Can you help me find land to put this on?
    Yes! We’re happy to connect you with a broker in your area. We have a lot of experience looking at plots that may be a good fit for our unit, and can guide you in finding one that works for you.
  • Do I need electric, septic and water run to the cabin?
    While we highly recommend hooking into utilities when possible, we design our cabins to run entirely off-grid. In fact, we operate our rental cabins this way! If you’d like to discuss off-grid options, please let us know.
  • Can I customize a cabin?
    Absolutely! After purchasing and reviewing your standard plans, we are happy to make adjustments based on your needs. We charge a flat rate of $100/hour to make modifications to the drawings, and will provide you with an estimate before we begin work.
  • What's included in the plans?
    Each set varies slightly, but you can expect the following in PDF format: Floor Plan, Roof Plan, Sections, Elevations, RCP/Electrical, Material Guidlines, Construction Details. They usually run around 10 pages and are sized 24"x36". Any FedEx or Kinkos should be able to print them for you. We don't provide material takeoffs or specify FF+E in our basic plans. If you're looking for a turnkey build solution, we sell our stock FF+E ordering sheet seperately, or you can work with us to customize the plans and help you choose all of your materials and equipment for your build.
  • How do I get there?
    We highly recommend driving, and a car with 4WD. It is possible to take Metro North, but once you arrive in Wassaic, taxi's are difficult to reserve.
  • What should I pack?
    Whatever you would typically pack for a stay at a boutique hotel! Plus whatever outdoor gear you need if you plan on being adventurous. We do not provide food, but there is a kitchenette. There is a grocery store and many great restaurants within a 15 minute drive. If you book, we will send you a full list of what is available at the cabin before your trip.
  • Where is the Cabin?
    Wassaic, NY - Two hours North of the New York City at the base of the Berkshires.
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