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Offsite Camp - A better way to work remote.

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Welcome to Offsite

Cabins and properties designed for the modern remote worker

Here at Offsite, there's two things we really love - the outdoors, and building great things. That's why we're dedicated to creating the best environments for remote work to happen. We all know that the worst place to get work done is usually in an office. The distractions, the politics, the fluorescent lights, Karen heating up leftover fish in the microwave for lunch. C'mon Karen, get with it! Don't get us wrong, there's a time and place to be in the office and it's certainly got its perks at times. However, we believe that most of the time, there's a better place to work. That's why we're building Offsite. We want to create a place for you and your team to work from that inspires creativity, reduces stress and distraction, and is just down right awesome.

Escaping to nature for work has always been regarded as the dream. In 1894, Thoreau left Boston and spent a year in a simple cabin he built in the woods, wishing to strip himself of everything but the essentials and dedicating himself to his writing. It eventually resulted in his famous book "Walden" which went on to inspire generations of outdoors lovers. It was a simpler time, and the technology of the day included a quill and paper. These days, it's more wishful thinking than practical work retreat. You'd be hard pressed to be able to get much done out there without cell reception or internet. Lucky for you, we're changing that. We're doing the heavy lifting on the cabin part, and it's got some upgrades...

remote work woods
We'd rather work here.

Working Remotely

It's no longer an anomaly or a luxury - it's the standard. With the flexibility for employees to work anywhere, companies are rethinking how the workplace operates. Freelancers are ditching cities for rural areas, and teams are distributed across the country. We believe your couch is not the ideal place to work when you're trying to make breakthroughs, and the office is not the ideal place for your team to meet up.

The Cabins

We've reimagined the work retreat from the ground up. Trust us, these aren't your grandpa's hunting shack. Fast wifi in the woods? You know it. Ergonomic workstations? Your back will thank us. Prefer working with monitor? We've got you covered. We've thought through every detail of the modern work experience and we're excited for you to come experience what it means to truly work remote.

Why Offsite?

Offsite is the only camp experience that's specifically designed for remote work. If you're looking to submerge yourself into nature - not to escape but to create - you've found the right place. Studies show that even a small bit of time outside each day can noticeably improve productivity and creativity. Not to mention, our locations are inspiringly beautiful. So come join us and experience our vision for how work should be!

Interested in learning more about Offsite?

Own land or property that's perfect for remote work?


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