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Hey there, Partner!

We're currently seeking partners willing to host our guests (and our cabins). If you have extra land, it's a great way to earn extra income!

Your Land
  • Lease us your land at above market rates.  

  • No commitments, short term leases.

  • Run a business? Sell products and services to our guests.

  • Meet awesome people!

Our Guests 
  • Young professionals, coming alone or as a couple.

  • Often coming for work.

  • Nature loving and respectful of the land.

  • Keyless Entry and Digital Concierge.

  • Offsite Camp contact person for needs or emergencies.

The Cabins
  • Fully off-grid - No need for utilities.

  • Built on trailers - Easily Removed.

  • Small - only require 1/2 acre.

  • Made from sustainable materials and designed to be passive.

  • Cleaned and maintained by Offsite.

  • Clean and simple design, specific to your region.

Sound good?


Cabaña EU 4 .jpg
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